Norwegian Government Scholarships at University of Oslo

This is a short-term scholarship programme offered to students and young researchers from countries with which Norway has reciprocal scholarship agreements. Applications are handled by the Research Council of Norway. All questions regarding the application process must be directed to the Research Council.

Courses offered
The programme is open for applications in all academic fields. See our list of courses offered in English

Please note that the Norwegian Government Scholarships are designed to promote contact and mobility between Norwegian and foreign students or researchers and institutions of higher learning and research. The scholarships are intended to finance a temporary stay, and not a complete education in Norway, and are therefore normally limited to a maximum of one academic year.

It is therefore not possible to apply for such a scholarship to support a master's degree at the University of Oslo.

Who may apply
See The Research Council of Norway's website for information about scholarships and list of countries which currently have reciprocal agreements with Norway

Where to apply
Get in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.

Further information
All questions regarding the scholarship and application procedure must be directed to the Research Council of Norway.

The Research Council of Norway expects students to have an acceptance letter from an educational institution in Norway before applications are processed. If you wish to apply for such an acceptance letter from the University of Oslo, you must contact the relevant department or faculty. (See the list of units at the University of Oslo for links and contact details.) Send an email, where you clearly state in the headline that you are a Research Council of Norway applicant, attach your professional CV, and explain in as much detail as possible which subject area you are interested in. Be prepared to fax your application papers and other documents if asked for them.

Please note that you must have started the application process with the Research Council of Norway before you send a query to the University of Oslo. The University of Oslo cannot help you to start this process.


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