Various PhD positions, University of Turin, Italy

Various PhD positions, University of Turin, Italy

The 24th cycle of Research Doctorate courses with administrative
headquarters at the Università degli Studi di Torino is hereby
instituted, with starting date January 1st 2009.

Applications are invited for the admission examinations for the
Research Doctorate courses listed below.

* Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Sciences
* Artistic, Musical and Performing Arts Disciplines
* Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology
* Business and Management
* Classical & Modern Cultures
* Comparative Social Research
* Complex Systems in Medicine and Life Sciences
* Economics "Vilfredo Pareto"
* Euro-Asian: Indology, Linguistic, Onomastic Studies
* Experimental Medicine and Therapy
* Historical Studies
* History of the Archaeological and Artistic Heritage
* Human Sciences
* Jurisprudence
* Modern Languages and Literatures
* Molecular Medicine
* Neurosciences
* Philosophy
* Political Science and International Relations
* Political Studies, History and Theory
* Science and high technology
* Sciences of Language and Communication
* Strategic Sciences
* Veterinary Sciences

Information on the Doctoral schools and the disciplines is available
on the Internet site:
( This information
includes the teaching body, the proposing or related departments, the
scientific-disciplinary sectors, associated bodies (where appropriate)
and all essential information for the preparation of the admission
The "Progetto Giovani" scholarships are funded by MIUR (Italian
Ministry of Education, University Education and Research) as part of
the "Fondo per il sostegno dei giovani e per favorire la mobilità
degli studenti" (funds for young people and to encourage mobility of
university students). These scholarships are linked to specific
research doctorates. For further information on the scholarships and
on other scholarships available consult the above-mentioned Internet site.

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