PhD scholarships Nanophotonics for Terabit Communications (NATEC)

PhD scholarships Nanophotonics for Terabit Communications (NATEC)

A new research centre focusing on nanophotonics for terabit communications is being established at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The centre is based on donations from a private foundation, VILLUM KANN RASNMUSSEN FONDEN.

The NATEC centre will, in particular, perform research on light-matter interaction in semiconductor quantum dots and photonic crystal structures and explore the use of such nanostructured materials for realizing photonic chips operating in the terabit regime.

The centre is a strongly focused effort involving nanofabrication, experimental characterisation based on nanoscopy and ultrafast lasers, fundamental theory including topology optimization, and systems experiments and will provide ample opportunities for cross-fertilization between these areas.

The NATEC Centre is headed by Professor Jesper Mørk ( from Department of Photonics Engineering, DTU, and involves the collaboration with 4 other institutes at DTU: Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Electron Nanoscopy and Danchip.

At the moment we have openings within the following areas of research:
Growth and characterisation of semiconductor quantum dots and fabrication of photonic crystal based devices (Kresten Yvind;
Characterisation of pulse propagation in photonic crystal structures and ultrafast dynamics in quantum dots (Mike van der Poel;
Theory and modelling of light-matter interaction in photonic crystal structures with quantum dots (Niels Asger Mortensen;
Topology optimization of nanophotonic structures incorporating effects of nonlinearities and fabrication uncertainties (Ole Sigmund;
Experimental and theoretical investigations of terabit systems emphasizing noise limitations and information capacity (Palle Jeppesen;

We are looking for candidates with a strong track record and with a good experimental, theoretical and/or computational background in photonics, electromagnetics or materials engineering and physics. The annual salary of PhD students starts at approximately 277,000 DKK (36,900 EUR) + pension.

For further information please contact Jesper Mørk or the persons mentioned above, or see the full job announcement at the homepage of DTU. Please send your application as a single pdf file, including CV, list of publications, certificates of exams and grades, as well as a list of references to:
Director Anders Bjarklev
Department of Photonics Engineering
Ørsteds Plads, Building 343
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Deadline for application: July 14, 2008 at 12.00 noon.
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